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So I'm installing 4.7 I usually have / and /home on separate partitions. / is 10gb but it seems a little much. For those of you who have / and /home separated how much space do you have partitioned for /?


using /dev/crypto doesn't strike me as the fastest model for encryption. Simply because I my intuition would suggest that context switching, e.i. changing your memory maps and flushing your cache to enter kernel-space would be too much overhead. Even, I would presume, if a hardware crypto device were behind /dev/crypto. What is everyone's opinions on this? Should crypto be in userspace where it doesn't necessarily cause expensive context switches or should is it best to use /dev/crypto? Perhaps there could be a hybrid approach where your crypto framework uses user-space crypto until you reach some threshold where it then starts using /dev/crypto.

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Well here's a patch to aucat to have it not fade the outstream when adding another stream- that kindof annoyed me.

< 	unsigned n;
< 	n = 0;
< 		n++;
< 	}
< 	LIST_FOREACH(buf, &p->ibuflist, ient) {
< 		weight = ADATA_UNIT / n;
> 		weight = ADATA_UNIT;

This patches /usr/src/usr.bin/aucat/aproc.c


Anyone have any experience with aucat?

I'm trying to use aucat with ekiga. I run

aucat -l -m duplex

and use the "sndio" sound option in ekiga. Ekiga says it can't open the device because it's busy :(

Anyone able to do this?
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OpenKyiv 2009 Program

The OpenKyiv 2009 conference program is now published!
The conference will take place at the same place as previous year, in the Teacher's Hall, Kyiv, Vladimirskaya street, 57. Registration starts at 9.00, talks start at 10.00.
Please, come on time!

Details: http://www.openkyiv.org.ua/openkyiv/2009/program/

The OpenKyiv Team continues the preparations, please follow the website changes!
Good luck and see you on the conference!
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OpenKyiv 2009 Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the OpenKyiv Call for Papers period. Speakers are welcome to submit any topics dedicated to OpenBSD. It is the only one BSD conference which passes regularly on post-USSR region in Kyiv, Ukraine (August 1, 2009)

Check out the conference page for more information, registration and details about the planned events.



I heard that sysjail allows you to do app isolation.  Are there anything like zones in openbsd?  How is wireles support? esp fo usb wireless nics?  I heard the networking rocks!   rok on folks
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New server recommendations

I recently acquired 1U of datacenter rackspace and I was looking to buy a box to run my web/mail server (currently colo'd).

I'm not hosting anything crazy, just a couple medium traffic web sites (apache/php), a cvs, mailserver (qmail) with a few users, snort, sql, etc. I'm hoping to stay under a grand (with drives). Raid would be nice.

Any vendor/configuration suggestions?